Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLBTM/SM) is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal Initiative of India. PTLB provides most extensive, dedicated and domain specific Techno-Legal Coaching, Training and Education in India and Worldwide. PTLB is one of theHighly Specialised Techno-Legal Initiatives” of Perry4Law.

 Perry4Law is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal ICT Law Firm of India and one of the few in the World. It provides Techno-Legal Services for the fields like Cyber Law in India, Cyber Security in India, Cyber Forensics in India, Critical Infrastructure Protection in India, Computer Forensics in India, Critical ICT Infrastructure Protection in India, Techno-Legal ADR and ODR in India, Cyber Terrorism in India, Cyber War in India, Ethical Hacking in India, Cyber Law Compliances in India, Due Diligence Compliances in India, Legal Enablement of ICT Systems in India, Legal Framework for Information Society in India, etc.

Besides it also provides Cyber Law Training In India, Cyber Security Training In India, Cyber Forensics Training In India, Computer Forensics Training In India, E-Courts Training In India, Digital Evidencing Training In India, Digital Investigation Training in India, Techno-Legal Judicial Training in India, Training for Judges In India, etc.

For availing the Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and other Techno-Legal Professional Services of Perry4Law, visit its “Contact Point” and fulfill the prerequisites mentioned therein.