Acquiring good education and training from the right person and institution is of paramount importance. However, there are always many questions or doubts that prevent prospective students or professionals from taking the right decision. 

Below mentioned are some of the questions that may be of relevance to such students or professionals:

(Q 1) What is the scope of the proposed initiative by Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO)PTLB and PTLITC?

(A1) The proposed “Online Skills Development Platform” by P4LO, PTLB and PTLITC is primarily aimed at techno legal prodessionals, law professionals, technical professionals, management professionals, etc. The aim is to provide qualitative coaching and internship to various professional so that they may handle effectively the cyber law related issues within their organisations, companies or firms.

(Q 2) What would be the duration of the same?

(A 2) We intend to provide coaching and internship for 15 days and one month (30 days) periods. The 15 days coaching aims at providing a basic level of knowledge. We strongly recommend a one month coaching or training as the same would provide an in depth knowledge. 

(Q 3) Do P4LO/ PTLB/PTLITC provide any diploma, certificate or degree? What about its affiliation?

(A 3) No. Presently we are not providing any diploma, certificate or degree. However, we are working in this direction as well. This is the reason that presently we are not affiliated or have entered into any partnership with any institution, organisation, university, etc.

(Q 4)   What is the benefit of such coaching or internship in the absence of such diploma, certificate or degree?

(A 4) The proposed initiative aims at “Skill Development” and not imparting the basic academic knowledge. A dominant majority of professionals have various educational qualifications but they lack the skill and training to make their mark. Our initiatives are aimed at bridging this much needed gap. In short, “we convert educated masses into skilled professionals”.   

(Q 5) What is the fees structure for the proposed initiative?

(A 5) For 15 days coaching or training it is Ten (10) thousand and for one month coaching or training it is Twenty (20) thousand. The mode of payment includes cheque, cash, DD, electronic money transfer, etc.

(Q 6) What is the total numbers of seats available?

(A 6) Presently we are planning to provide 200 coaching cum internship spots for each category. The same is available on “First Cum First Basis”. The early enrollment would also carry many “Preferential Benefits” in our future courses and training programs.

(Q 7) Can the number of seats be increased?

(A 7) Since the numbers of applications are expected to be much more than the available seats, we may increase the same appropriately. However, in case the same are not increased, the first 200 applicants in each category would alone be accommodated.

(Q 8) What is the eligibility criterion for the proposed coaching?

(A 8) Any Graduate, Law Graduate, or Law Student is entitled to enroll in the proposed course.

(Q 9 ) How can we apply for the course?

(A 9) The interested students/professionals can apply both online as well as offline. The “Application Form” can be downloaded from HereFor online applications, kindly send the scanned copies of the relevant documents along with the application form and prescribed fees. 

(Q 10 ) I am resident out of India. Can I still get the coaching and internship?

(A 10) Yes. Being an “Online Initiative” any person residing in any part of the World can enroll with us.

(Q 11 ) What is the mode of learning?

(A 11) Online Tutorials and Manuals would be provided to the enrolled students and professionals in a web based environment. We would also adopt a “Performance Evaluation” method at regular interval to analyse the progress of our students or professionals. We are very strict regarding this requirement and no student would be declared to be a trained person from Perry4Law and PTLB till he/she/it performs reasonably well in the performance appraisal exercise.

(Q 12 ) What would be the language of coaching?

(A 12) All the coaching and internship would be provided in English language only.

(Q 13) I am interested in teaching or providing coaching and training at PTLB/PTLITC. How can I do so?

(A 13) You have to enroll with us for this purpose. The enrollment form is available at our Site and Blog. 

(Q 14 ) Who are the Partners or Associates of  PTLB/PTLITC?

(A14) Presently none. Interested Persons, Institutions, Organisations, Universities, Law Colleges and Faculties, etc are welcome to approach us for various “Joint Courses”. Further, “Franchisees” can also contact us with their “Proposals” for suitable arrangements.

See PTLB/PTLITC E-Learning Platform for more details.

In case of any further question, doubt or query, kindly contact at pd37 at rediffmail dot com or perry4law at yahoo dot com.