Monday, February 22, 2010

Techno-Legal Education In India Got A Boost

Legal education in India is in the process of transformation. However, there are urgent educational and legal reforms that must be undertaken by India as soon as possible. One such area that requires urgent attention is the amalgamation of legal education with information and communication technology (ICT). For instance, cyber law is an important facet of such an interaction of technology and law.

Indian educational system is more academic than professional. As a result although India has good population that is academically sound yet when it comes to practical and real life experience and work, they do not perform reasonably well. Various studies and research in India have suggested that out of the educated masses only 15 to 25% are fit for being absorbed at job places.

In short, India is running short of institutions that can impart good techno-legal skill development education, training and coaching. Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have launched the first ever “Techno-Legal Online Coaching, Training and Education Centre” in India that aims at developing the skill and talent of the students and professionals seeking a good career in cyber law and allied fields.

Some of the courses, education, trainings and skills development initiatives provided by PTLB include cyber forensics courses in India, cyber security courses in India, cyber law skills development in India, cyber forensics skills development in India, cyber security skills development in India, ethical hacking skills development in India, cyber crime investigation trainings in India, techno legal skills development in India, etc.

Professionals can develop their skills and practical expertise by enrolling for online cyber law education in India, online skills development in India, ethical hacking training and courses in India, etc provided by PTLB. Besides, special focus must be made upon establishing more cyber forensics training and education institutions in India.

Clearly skills development in India is required as Indian professionals are though academically good yet practically not good. Interested students, teachers and partners wishing to be part of the project as well as future projects and initiatives of Perry4Law must contact it as soon as possible.

The contemporary skill requirements are multi disciplinary in nature where a computer science student or professional must also have basic level of legal knowledge. The proposed initiative keeps this in mind and students and professionals from all the educational streams are encourage getting themselves enrolled.

The government of India must also come up with a good educational policy as well as sound legal reforms so that legal sector may meet the contemporary international standards and requirements.