Saturday, April 17, 2010

Entrance Examination For Admission To Bar Of India

Indian educational systems has failed to cope up with the contemporary requirements of society on the one hand and business community on the other. Take the example of legal education in India. Legal education is one of the tools that can act as an instrument of social change in India. However, the colonial nature of Indian educational system, including Indian legal education, has prevented it from achieving this benign objective. To aggravate the situation, Indian educational system is “academic” in nature whereas the present time and competition demands a “professional and practical approach”.

Legal and judicial reforms in India are long due and Indian government must do something about it urgently before it is too late. One such crucial reform pertains to qualitative professional and practical legal education. After all the strength and capacity of both Bar and Bench is measured by and reflected in the quality of law graduates. Both Bar and Bench derives their intellectual strength from their experience, learning and knowledge acquired at law colleges/schools.

Realising the importance of qualitative legal education and skill, the Supreme Court of India has recommended to Centre/Bar Council of India (BCI) to conduct bar examinations to test candidates for their suitability or otherwise for entry into the legal profession. A very good account of this entire episode has been given by Shamnad Basheer and Sroyon Mukherjee in this very informative report. This has saved us lot of hard work and trouble to dig up the matter for our viewers.

So finally, law graduates are moving towards a knowledge curve that would shape their legal practice forever. The only question that remains to be answered is whether India is capable of implementing this ambitious plan? I hope, and wish, the answer should be in positive. Perry4Law is committed to help government in general and BCI in particular in achieving this objective.

We have been managing some techno-legal training, coaching, internship and educational initiatives that are going in the same direction. For instance, we are providing online Techno-Legal Education in the traditional legal fields in general and techno-legal fields in particular. With the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) we endeavour to eliminate the territorial boundaries and traveling constraints. A student or law professional sitting in any part of the World can enrich her/his knowledge about law through our courses.

Similarly, we are also managing Continuing Legal Education (CLEs) in India. Our purpose is to strengthen legal education right from the school level to lifelong learning stage.

Through, this platform we are trying to achieve another milestone. We would be providing online techno-legal training, coaching, internship, education, etc for those persons who wish to go for Bar Examinations in India or Bar Entrances in India. Interested students/professionals may “Contact Us” as soon as possible as the s eats would be limited and early registration would entail many more benefits and preferential treatment for our techno-legal and traditional legal courses and trainings.