Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outline Of Online Cyber Law Internship, Training, Coaching And PTLB Empanelment

Perry4Law has been receiving numerous internship, training and coaching request. We provide all these services and these services are managed by Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB). It is important to appreciate the difference between these services and a prospective applicant must clearly understand the difference between them before applying.

The “Application Form” can be downloaded from Here.

Through this post we are providing additional information for all prospective students, professionals and panelists.

(1) Internship: This is one of the online initiatives of Perry4Law. Through this initiative we provide online internship to students or professionals. For knowing the scope of our internship initiative, kindly visit PTLB Site and FAQs Segment of PTLB Blog.

(2) Training: We also provide techno-legal online training to students and professionals. Interested applicants must visit PTLB Site and FAQs Segment of PTLB Blog.

(3) Coaching: We also provide techno-legal online coaching to students and professionals. Interested applicants must visit PTLB Site and FAQs Segment of PTLB Blog.

(4) Bar Examination Coaching: From now onwards law graduates have to clear bar examination before being allowed to practice in courts. We also provide bar examination/entrances coaching. For more details, visit our “Bar Examination Site”.

(5) Empanelment At PTLB: If you already posses qualifications necessary for cyber law career, you may “Empanel” with us. The “procedure” for the same is prescribed “Here”.

(6) Lifelong Learning: Those who are interested in lifelong learning may visit our “Lifelong Segment”. It is meant for those students or professionals who wish to undergo our internship, training, coaching and educational course and programs conducted by us from time to time.

(7) Future Trainings: If you are interested in domain specific and highly specialised techno-legal training by PTLB, PTLITC and Perry4Law, visit our “Techno-Legal Services” segment.

PTLB is currently providing Cyber Law Internship, Training and Coaching. However, if 50 or more students or professionals show their intention to undergo training, internship, coaching, etc of any particular field, PTLB may arrange for the same as well. This covers all the traditional legal fields as well as contemporary and emerging legal fields.

If you have already completed your cyber law education, you may consider empanelment at PTLB. However, we focus on “Skill Development” and “Practical Training” hence it is strongly recommended to undergo our Cyber Law Course. This would also provide a “Preferential Treatment” to you for our subsequent initiatives.