Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Batch Of Cyber Law Courses By PTLB

This is for the information of all those “preferential list” students who have shown their desire to enroll to our Cyber Law Training, Coaching and Internship Programs.

Although an exclusive e-mail with all relevant information has been sent to them, we are hereby separately making this public announcement so that other students may also enroll to our Programs on time.

The students on our preferential list would get preference for enrollment as the numbers of seats are limited. We strongly recommend booking your seat before they are gone.

The first batch of our Cyber Law Programs would tentatively start in the month of June/July 2010.

The outline of the course would be posted at our Online Cyber Law Education Blog.

The e-learning modules and online learning materials would also be posted at our online platform very soon. You may visit the PTLB site for more information.